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30 Years...When a new piece of equipment showed up on the job site recently, I opened the manufacturer's installation manual. A co-worker confronted me. "We are in big trouble if you have to read the book!Don't you know how to install that thing?"
I replied that I usually make a practice of reviewing the manufacturer's recommendations for every piece of equipment I touch. I asked him," Which would you rather see me do? Install this unit from memory or install it according to the manufacturer's recommendations?"
He said, "Well, I don't need a book. Nobody has to tell me how to do my job! I've been doing this for 30 years!"
I was surprised that any thinking person could cling to such a preposterous opinion, much less say it out loud.

I got to thinking; what if I still did things the way they were done 30 years ago?
  • I would need to wind my watch.
  • I would be punching cards to run my program on a mainframe computer.
  • I would need to find a roadside pay phone if I needed to make a call from my car.
  • I would have the choice of three television channels
  • I would dial telephone numbers with a rotary dialer.
  • I could buy a new Rambler
  • "Made in Japan" would be funny.
  • I would have a "CB Handle"
  • I could play a brand new album on my record player.
  • I would need to go to a theater to see a movie.
  • The airwaves would be full of cigarette ads.
  • I could purchase a new typewriter.
  • Automobile seat belts would be an "option".
  • I would carry a slide rule.
  • I would be making $1.65 an hour.
So, which would you rather see?Working from memory or following the manufacturer's recommendations?30 years ago, we didn't need to worry about those pesky Internet connections, so I guess we don't need to bother with them today...

Now,where did I put my reading glasses?


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