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ENERGY STAR Institutional Purchasing.
Save money by purchasing and using ENERGY STAR

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Do You Participate in ENERGY STAR® Institutional Purchasing?

What is ENERGY STAR Institutional Purchasing?

           ENERGY STAR makes it easy for organizations to purchase energy-efficient products, reduce their energy costs, and prevent air pollution. ENERGY STAR Institutional Purchasing encourages and assists governments, schools, and businesses in procuring ENERGY STAR labeled products. These products use 25 to50 percent less energy than their traditional counterparts, reduce fossil fuel use, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

          Building Operators can save money by purchasing and using ENERGY STAR products through reduced energy costs, extended product life and decreased maintenance without compromising quality or performance. Currently, there are over 11,000 products that bear the ENERGY STAR label.

           To help purchasers, the Department of Energy offers the ENERGY STAR Purchasing Tool Kit. The ENERGY STAR Purchasing Tool Kit helps organizations quickly and easily identify, specify, and procure ENERGY STAR labeled and FEMP recommended products.

Do You Participate in ENERGY STAR® Institutional Purchasing?     Maybe you should!

To get started, Consult ENERGY STAR® Institutional Purchasing

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