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The Fizxbol Mystery 2. A Short Story Page Two.
John and Trey Ponder the meaning of Fizxbol.

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The Old Roofer walked over to John and Trey, pointed to one particular exhaust fan on the farthest corner of the roof and asked John," You throw out that fan?"

John's hand swept a 360 degree arc, "All the fans are slated for demolition."

The Old Roofer asked," You throw out THAT fan?"

John nodded, "Yes"

The Old Roofer asked,"Is OK to take fan cover?"

John shrugged, "Sure, you can have the whole fan. It is just going in the dumpster."

Typical Aluminum Roof-Top Exhaust Fan The Old Roofer shook his head, "No, Don't want whole fan. Just fan cover. Make good fizxbol."

John leaned toward the Old Roofer and cocked his 'good ear' toward the conversation and cautiously repeated, "Fizxbol?"

The Old Roofer smiled and nodded,"Yes, fizxbol, Fan cover make good fizxbol. In my yarr, have one fizxbol. Need one more fizxbol. Fan cover make good fizxbol."

John glanced at Trey and then nodded to the Old Roofer," Yes, I guess a fan cover would make a very good fizxbol."

The Old Roofer smiled,"Yes, fizxbol, Fan cover make good fizxbol. Thank you."

As the Old Roofer walked away, John turned to Trey, " I hope you caught that."

Trey's eyes widened, "What do you mean? The way you were chatting with him I thought you knew what was going on. I was going to ask you what he said."

"No, I tried to get him to repeat himself but I didn't want to be too obvious. Then, when I repeated 'fizxbol' back to him, I was hoping he would correct me. But he agreed with me."

Trey patted John on the back and winked, "Well, anyway, the Old Roofer has a new fizxbol!"

"Yes, that is the important thing. Isn't it?", John grinned.

The next morning Trey announced, "I've been thinking about it. When the Old Roofer said 'fizxbol', I think he was saying 'feed bowl'. That fan cover would make a great little bowl to feed livestock. "

John frowned, "The bottom is kind of rounded, you know. Any self-respecting horse would flip that lightweight little fan cover over inside ten seconds. Most cows would walk on it. Goats would probably try to eat it."

"Well, he said he already had one 'fizxbol' and needed another. So, the 'fizxbol' he is using to feed his livestock is somehow working just fine. It is working so well, in fact, that he wants another 'feed bowl' for his animals.

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