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The Fizxbol Mystery 3. A Short Story Page Three.
John and Trey Ponder the meaning of Fizxbol.

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John continued, "Chickens couldn't reach over the edge. They would have to jump up and get in it to feed. That would probably tip the bowl over because the bottom is not flat enough for the bowl to be stable. You would have to dig a little depression in the chicken yard and bury the bowl in it so the chickens could feed."

"Who said anything about chickens?"

"Well, I was just trying to imagine how anyone could use a fan cover as a 'feed bowl' and you said livestock..."

"Chickens aren't livestock. Cows and horses are livestock. Chickens are... Well, ...chickens"

"Chickens are alive. You make chicken stock out of them. Live, Stock. Livestock"

"No. Chickens are chickens." Trey pointed to the east, "You have livestock over here...", then pointing to the west , "... and chickens over there. They are not all livestock. Period. End of discussion."

Trey lives on a family ranch in southern Texas. By Texas standards, it is a small ranch; about 135 acres with a ranch house, a ranch-hand's house, a few barns and a chicken coop. Trey's parents live in the ranch house while Trey occupies the ranch-hand's house. Trey's family ranch runs about thirty head of beef, a few sheep, two goats and, of course, chickens.

Trey has a bachelor's degree in microbiology but can't find work in his chosen field. So, he has re-enrolled at the local university and is taking night-school courses in mechanical engineering. In the meantime, Trey learns the practical side of engineering while he pays the bills by being a construction worker alongside John.

One day, John muttered, "When the Old Roofer said 'Fizxbol', it sort of sounded like 'Fish Boil' That would make a little sense because the aluminum fan housing would work pretty well as a boiling pot although I have never seen a Fish Boil where they used aluminum. Usually, a Fish Boil is done in a big cast iron pot".

Trey waited patiently for John to stop mumbling and asked, "What in the Sam Hill is a Fish Boil? That must be something you northern Yankees do to your fish. Down here, we fry'em or cook'em in the oven or barbecue them. We sure don't boil them!    If I never heard of a Fish Boil, you can be darn sure that Old Roofer never heard of one either. He has probably never been farther north than Waco. How would he know about a Yankee Fish Boil?" And, he said he already had one Fizxbol'. So, why would he need two Fish Boils? Besides; what is a Fish Boil, anyway? Is that like a chowder or some kind of soup?"

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