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The Fizxbol Mystery 4. A Short Story Page Four.
John and Trey Ponder the meaning of Fizxbol.

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John quickly explained a northern fish boil, "Take a big pot and fill it half way with cold water. Toss in some salt. Quarter an onion or two and throw them in there. A couple cloves of garlic never hurt. Maybe some green or red peppers for a little extra flavor. Then cut some fish in big cubes or steak sections and put them in the pot. Cover the fish with new red potatoes and sweet corn-on-the-cob. Float a pound of butter on top of the water. Then put the pot over a roaring fire and go have a beer or two. When the pot overflows and dowses the fire, supper is ready."

Trey shrugged, "Well, I guess that doesn't sound too bad. Maybe I would like a Fish Boil. What kind of fish do they put in a Fish Boil?"

"Only fish I've ever eaten at a Fish Boil is 'Whitefish'."

"Is a 'Whitefish' white?"

"No it is silver but the meat is white."

Trey grinned, "They should call it 'Silverfish'."

"Well they couldn't because 'Silverfish' was already taken by a bug. And 'WhiteMeatFish' just doesn't sound as good as Whitefish. Besides, what makes you such an expert on naming fish all of a sudden. Why do you call a big 'BullHead' a 'Cat'? They look a lot more like a 'BullHead' than a 'Cat' any day. 'CatFish' should be something you find in the pet food aisle..."

Trey laughed, "Yes, and a 'Bass' should have a low voice and a 'Marlin'... Well, actually 'Marlin' is a pretty good name."

"Do you know the difference between a lawyer and a 'Catfish'?"

"Yes, you told me that one already. One is a slimy, ugly, yellow-bellied bottom-feeder and the other is a pretty tasty fish."

"Well, joke or no joke, I never much cared for Catfish"

"Its real good breaded and deep fried"

"I've had it that way and I ...just didn't like it"

"You should have it the way I cook it. You would love it...".

And that is how the subject of fish came up. Because it was such a big topic, it served John and Trey well for nearly two weeks. There were recipes to discuss as well as techniques, tackle, bait, boats, motors, fishing holes, childhood adventures with an occasional discussion of alligators and rattlesnakes seen on fishing trips.

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