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The Fizxbol Mystery 5. A Short Story Page Five.
John and Trey Ponder the meaning of Fizxbol.

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The following week, Trey noted, "When the Old Roofer said 'Fizxbol', I dunno, it kinda sounded like 'Fooseball'.

John said, "Well, I really doubt that he said Fooseball, Trey. I can't see any relationship between a spun aluminum fan housing and a Fooseball table. Besides, he said he already had one 'Fizxbol' and needed another one. Why would you need a second Fooseball?"

"Yah, you are probably right", Trey held two imaginary handles in front of himself and shook his wrists, "You know, I used to be pretty good at Fooseball in my college days....Played in a tournament once and won some money."

John shook his head," I never much got into that game; I liked pinball, though. Do you remember 'Q-Bert?' That was fun...."

The next few days were spent comparing notes on various games. From what a technological advancement 'Pong" was in its day, to modern video, to card games, board games, to horse racing and Las Vegas casinos to betting strategies, money won and wagers lost.

Last week Trey proudly announced, " It is definitely 'feed bowl'! The Old Roofer has dogs and he needs a second 'feed bowl' for his other dogs!"

John didn't buy it for a second, " Who calls their dog dishes 'feed bowls'? They call 'em 'dog dishes' ..."

"Yah, you're probably right...", Trey intently rolled a rock with the toe of his boot, "Did you ever see a Basset Hound chase a rabbit? With those little legs and long ears, you wouldn't think they could run. But, Boy! Can they run!"

"I wonder how a Basset would compare to a Greyhound..."

John was the senior construction mechanic on the job and Trey was his helper. They had been working together as a two man "crew" for two years and had been reporting to the same construction job for the better part of a year. Up to this point, John and Trey have not solved the Fizxbol Mystery. With any luck at all, they never will.



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