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Color By Numbers
A Base Joke is not Off-Color

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Color By Numbers . . .

There is an old graffiti that says:"There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those that think binary and those that don't."

You can't tell that joke. It doesn't work as verbal joke. If the joke in the graffiti confuses you, simply read 10 as 'one,zero' and not as 'ten'.'One,zero' in binary is two.

The same logic applies to all base systems. In the hexadecimal, the numbers 'turn over' to two digits at decimal 256. In computing, we call the last two digit number FF (a 16 and a 16) which is decimal 255 because we start with a zero as the first unit.

So, there are 256 (16 X 16) shades of the three colors in the primary computer color palate. Red Blue and Green. Each color is defined by a two digit hexidecimal with a decimal equivalant between 0 and 255. Each color is defined by a a six digit code starting from 00 00 00 all away up to FF FF FF .

Simple enough? I thought so. I am glad we had a chance to clear that up.



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