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A New Direct Replacement for R-22

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A New Direct Replacement for R-22

         ICOR International recently announced a new refrigerant blend that has nearly the same characteristics of R-22 with markedly less ozone depleting potential. They market their refrigerant as "NU-22" and it deserves a close look from manufacturers and building owners as simple way to comply with both present day and proposed environmental and energy standards while avoiding many costly system modifications.

           Designated by ASHREA as R-417A, NU-22 is currently the only HFC based R-22 replacement that is compatible with synthetic and mineral oils as well as standard equipment components and materials used in R-22 manufactured systems. NU-22 has proven to be fully suitable for use in scroll, screw, rotary and reciprocating compressors.

          The manufacturer claims that NU-22ís operating characteristics and overall system compatibility make it the user-friendly choice for the service industry. There is no need for service companies or technicians to purchase expensive product-specific tools or supplies such as are required for R-410A (Puron). And, unlike R-410A (Puron), NU-22 requires only minimal technical training and has no safety concerns.

          And there is one more interesting claim: That NU-22 can actually increase the Coefficient of Performance buy as much as 10%. That means you might be able to get one more SEER by just changing refrigerant in an existing system.

          Very Interesting , Indeed!

For more information, consult  ICOR International.


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