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John Makes Light of Santa's Helpers.

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Santa's Elf's . . .

John was writing a report in his basement office when Carlos, John's best Maintenance Technician, popped in wearing a big grin. "Have you seen the people who are putting up the Christmas decorations?"

John turned from his report, "No. Do we have someone special putting up the holiday decorations?"

Carlos laughed, "Boy DO WE! As soon as you can, you HAVE to go take a look! They are out in the front parking lot turning all of our vegetation into Christmas Trees!"

"How can I resist?", John replied, "I'll go right now!"

All of the employees in the hotel knew the shortest route from the basement to the front parking lot. John ran up the stairway to the ground floor and took a shortcut through the main kitchen to the loading dock He jumped off the loading dock and made a quick right turn around the corner of the building. Slipping sideways through an oleander hedge brought John to the front parking lot. With a silent gasp, he surveyed the wondrous holiday spectacle before him.

"'Santa's Holiday Decorators'?Oh my . . . ", John mumbled to himself.

Parked in various places around the front lot were five brand new bright red Ford F150 pickup trucks. Each truck sported a logo in snowcapped lettering: 'Santa's Holiday Decorators". Workers had ladders set against trees and were intently stringing Christmas lights from limb to limb. Helpers on the ground were busy sorting ornaments, untying Christmas lights, unfolding garlands and pulling boxes out of the trucks.

But what had left John speechless was the uniform each worker wore. Fifteen grown men wore red shoes with candy-stripe socks exposed to the knee. Red knickers tight at the knee gave way to a bouffant white shirt at the waistline. Wide black belts sported a shiny brass buckle. Each worker wore a red waistcoat with two brass buttons on the lower back. The uniform cap was, naturally, a fur-lined Santa-type cap with a white cotton puff at its point.

By now, Carlos had caught up with John, "So, what do you think?"

John could not take his eyes off the scene in front of him. He shook his head and whispered, "Those poor schmucks. Imagine having to work out in public dressed in an outfit like that . . ."

Carlos laughed, "I don't think they mind. You know the Christmas Carol that goes: ' Don we now our gay apparel . . .' ", he motioned towards the parking lot, " . . . It was probably referring to those guys."

John took a long last-look at 'Santa's Holiday Decorators'. Except for the hat, the 'elves' working feverishly in and around the parking lot trees resembled, to John, like British soldiers from the Revolutionary War or maybe some dancers from the 'Nut Cracker Suite'. He turned to Carlos, " I don't have a clue what is going on here. I certainly didn't hire them.. I am going to see Todd."

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