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Wavy Davy (2) A Short Story Page Two.
Davy and Arnie differ in what they think is funny.

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          Every morning, Arnie would park his old Ford Ranger pickup next to his bulldozer. Usually, he would roll down his window and pull two or three breakfast tacos from a bag stashed on the dashboard. Arnie would sit in his truck and munch on his breakfast tacos while sipping coffee from a big insulated mug. After breakfast, Arnie would get out of the truck and lean up against the front fender. He would pull out his bag of Redman Tobacco and pack his mouth with the first fist-full of the day.

           Throughout all of this morning ritual, Arnie was telling stories, commenting on the news, gossiping about his neighbors, relating what happened after he left work last night, telling jokes, describing the drive to work and , of course, singing. When there was finally one left to talk to, Arnie would jump into the seat of his JD350 and fire up the engine. He would give it a fast idle until the exhaust started to run clear and then would put it into gear and head down the road, singing over the roar of the diesel.

           Like I said, Arnie loved to see Davy fuss over his hair. Arnie thought the sight of Davy flicking a comb through his hair was the funniest thing he had ever witnessed. One day, Arnie coined with the rhyme 'Wavy Davy' to tease Davy about his hairdo. It wasn't long before Arnie put his put his newfound rhyme to music.

           Just before lunchtime we heard Arnie approaching. Over the clatter of the tracks and the thunder of the engine, we started were able to pick out a tune resembling 'Davy Crockett':

"Wavy, WAVY DAVY !
King of the wild frontier...
I can see that hair from here!

Ha ha ha! Hear that, Wavy Davy? I can see that hair from here! Ha ha!"

           As Arnie approached, he could see that he had center stage. The whole crew, including Davy, was on hand to hear his singing:

I can see your hair from here!
A man who likes his beer !

Ha ha ha! Hear that, Wavy Davy? A man who likes his beer! Ha ha!"

           Nobody on the crew thought Arnie's song was particularly funny, especially Davy. But, Arnie thought it was hilarious. He kept repeating the lyrics of his new song all through lunch, laughing each time he completed a stanza. When lunch was over, everyone was relieved when Arnie drove his tractor out of earshot.

           At quitting time, Arnie treated the crew to his newest masterpiece. As he pulled his bulldozer into the yard, he was bellowing a new song:

"I can see clearly now the hard hat's gone.
I can see all follicles in sticky goo !
Vilalis, Brillcreme Dippidy Doo
Its gotta be a bright, bright shiny hairdo!

Ha ha! Hear that, Wavy Davy? A bright, bright shiny hairdo!"

           The next morning, Arnie left the yard driving his JD350 with one hand so he could do a little jitterbug dance in the seat. He sang his best Buddy Holly imitation:

I see yoooouuu . . .
Love your 'dooo . . .
Comb your h-a-i-r for meeeee . . ."

           At lunch, Arnie tried to sing a ballad low and slow like Roger Whittaker:

"Still and all I'm happy
Reason is, you see
Once in a while along the way,
I see Wavy Davy"

Then he laughed, "Ha ha ha ha! Hear THAT Davy? 'I see Wavy Davy!' Ha!"

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