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Wavy Davy (3) A Short Story Page Three.
Davy and Arnie differ in what they think is funny.

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           That is when Davy broke silence. He took off his safety goggles and rubbed his eyes. "You know Arnie, I admit I smiled the first time you sang a "Wavy Davy" song, but its not funny anymore. It wasn't funny the second time you sang a "Wavy Davy" song, and it hasn't been funny for the last hundred "Wavy Davy" songs. It's old. Let go of it."

           "Are you telling me what I can sing?"

           Davy wiped the dust off his safety goggles with the tail of his tee-shirt. "No, I am just saying that you can't tell the same joke to the same people over and over again and expect them to laugh every time."

           "Huh", Arnie snorted, "Look, I got my rights and if I want to sing a "Wavy Davy" song, I got a right to sing a "Wavy Davy" song." He spit a long stream of tobacco juice. "So There!"

           Arnie hopped on his tractor and trundled away, hollering over the noise:

"If you knew Davy,
Like I know Davy!
Oh, Oh, Oh, What a 'do!

There's none so wavy
As our man Davy!
Oh, Oh, Oh, What a 'do!"

          When the day was over, we were all surprised to see Arnie sitting behind the wheel of his pickup truck. Judging from the puddle of tobacco spit outside the driver's door, he had been sitting there since at least two o'clock. One look at Arnie's face told me that Arnie was very agitated.

           Davy walked up to Arnie's truck and stood at a slight angle to the drivers window to avoid standing in the tobacco puddle. "You OK?"

           "I'm just ticked off - that's all. Rolled my dozer right after lunch. Had to walk back here"

           Davy nodded, "Rolled the dozer? Where at?"

           Arnie pounded the steering wheel, " Aw, down at marker 17. I was back-blading the hillside around that corner."

           Davy rested a hand on the hood of the pickup, "That's a pretty steep grade. You weren't going up and down the hill?"

           Arnie shook his head, "Naw, I thought I could make a smoother looking radius by going around instead of up-and-down."

           Davy kicked a little dirt into the tobacco puddle, " . . .And the tractor rolled."

           Arnie continued, "Yah, The downhill track hit some soft sand, see? And, at the exact same time, the uphill track climbed up on a rock. That was enough to make it go over on me. It happened real slow, though. I had time to shut down the engine and climb out on the track before it went over. I just kept going to the high side. I jumped off the uphill track and watched the dozer just roll over and over all the way down the hill. I ain't hurt. Had to walk a few miles - that's all."

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