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Wavy Davy (4) A Short Story Page Four.
Davy and Arnie differ in what they think is funny.

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           Davy smiled, "So, instead of a smooth looking radius, you made little smashed tractor marks in the dirt - over and over again - all the way down the hill."

           That's when Arnie became dancing mad. He jumped out of the pickup truck and landed right in the center of his puddle. He looked down at his spit-soaked boots and got even more angry. "Goddammmit!!   I'm the best goddamm equipment operator you ever saw!   The piece of shit rolled!   It was an accident! "

           Davy studied Arnie's tobacco-soaked boots and slowly shook his head, "Park a JD350 at night and it is still on its tracks EVERY morning."

           "What do you mean by that?"

           "Ain't a dog. Ain't a cat. They don't just roll over. They don't  WANT  their belly scratched."

           Arnie pressed the issue, "What do you mean by THAT?"

           Davy concluded, "On a steep grade, always gotta go up and down   NOT sideways to the grade. So now there's dozer upside down at the bottom of a hill and YOU put it there."

           I can't repeat what Arnie said. Partly because it was foul language intermingled with swear words. Partly because Arnie's mouth was so full of Redman that he was very hard to understand. And partly because I didn't catch it all - - I was laughing so hard at the sight of Arnie jumping up and down in a puddle of his own tobacco spit.

           Davy watched the show for a while then said, "That's enough fun for one day. Let's go."

           Arnie stopped, "What about my dozer?"

           Davy climbed into his pickup truck, "We'll deal with it tomorrow." He winked as he put the truck in gear. "Don't think anybody's gonna steal it."

           That started Arnie hopping up and down and hollering foul language again.

           As he pulled out of the yard, Davy stopped for a moment to offer Arnie some consolation,  "Arnie, Always remember: Yellow side up. Dirty side down"

           As I left the yard, Arnie was still hopping mad, hollering obscenities. . .

           The next morning, every man on the crew greeted Arnie the same way:

"Yellow side up. Dirty side down"

"Yellow side up. Dirty side down"

"Yellow side up. Dirty side down"

"Yellow side up. Dirty side down"

"Yellow side up. Dirty side down"

           Then, we all followed Davy and Arnie to the hillside at marker 17 to see Arnie's bulldozer. The JD350 rested upside down at the bottom of the gully in a pool of oil, water and diesel fuel. The massive Caterpillar D-8 tractor made easy work of righting the JD350 and pulling it to the top of the gully Davy had called the home office for a D-8 . By noon, the D-8 showed up. The massive Caterpillar tractor made easy work of righting the JD350 and pulling it to the top of the gully.

          At the end of the day, Davy took a last look down the gully. Dragging the JD 350 up the hill had cut several deep trenches in the hillside. Davy winked at Arnie, "That's one smooth looking radius you made!".

          Everybody laughed except Arnie.

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