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Wavy Davy (5) A Short Story Page Five.
Davy and Arnie differ in what they think is funny.

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           Because Arnie had time to turn the diesel off before the dozer rolled, there was no engine damage. It only took a couple days work with a torch and welder to straighten all the bent steel. Refilled all the fluids, changed all the filters, put in a new battery - she fired right up. It wasn't long before Arnie was back in the saddle again.

           When Arnie first returned to the yard with his dozer, he was back in his old form. I think he knew the whole crew would be watching as he pulled in. Driving the JD350 with his left hand across both steering levers, Arnie was making grand operatic gestures with his right hand while singing loudly:

"I was driving my bulldozer to the Tennessee Waltz
When a hairdo I happened to see
It was my forman, Wavy Davy
And while he was combing
My foreman made his hairdo wavy!"

           Davy walked toward Arnie's dozer and made a cutting gesture across his throat. Arnie obeyed by stopping the tractor and killing the engine.

           Davy patted the deck of the JD350 and asked, "Arnie, what color is this?"

           Arnie nodded, "Yellow."

           Davy continued, "And which way does yellow go? Up or down?" The whole crew burst into laughter.

           Arnie looked pretty rattled, "How come you told me that you can't tell the same joke to the same people over and over again and expect them to laugh every time, AND THEN say 'yellow side up - dirty side down' over and over again and everybody laughs? Huh? How Come?"

           Davy replied thoughtfully, "You think my hair is funny. I think all those holes and ruts in that hillside are funny."

           Arnie didn't reply. He leaned forward and turned the key to start the engine. He reassumed his theatrical pose, looked Davy straight in the eye and began to sing:

"I was dancing with my darling to the Tennessee Waltz
When an old friend I happened to see.
I introduced him to my darling
And while they were dancing
My friend stole my darling from me!

I remember that night of the Tennessee Waltz
And I know just how much I have lost!
Yes, I lost my little darling the night they were playing
That beautiful Tennessee Waltz"

           Even though it was sung by a red-faced bald man drooling tobacco juice accompanied by the clatter of a bulldozer, I must admit hearing that particular rendition of The Tennessee Waltz was, indeed, beautiful.



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