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Digital Multimeter Safety Information

When working with any Digital Multimeter or Amp meter, follow these Safety Tips:
    • Never mix water and electricity. Keep yourself and your equipment dry. Don't stand on wet surfaces when using a Digital Multimeter

    • Avoid working alone. Use the "buddy system" so assistance can be rendered if needed. Also, tell your supervisor where you are going and when you intend to be back

    • Never use the Digital Multimeter on a circuit with voltages higher than the manufacturer recommend or a testing current with a frequency higher than 60 Hz fundamental. (Such as a current generated by a VFD). Injury or equipment damage may result.

    • When using a Digital Amp meter, Never measure current while there are test leads are inserted into the input jacks.

    • Inspect your meter prior to use. Never use a Digital Multimeter or test leads if they look damaged.

    • Use extreme caution when working around bare conductors or bus bars. Contact with the conductor could result in electric shock.

    • Read the operating instructions before use and follow all safety instructions.

    • Use the Digital Multimeter only as specified in the operating instructions.

    • To ensure proper and safe operation of any Digital Multimeter, always replace the battery immediately upon noticing a low battery indication.

  • When testing for amperage, place the Clamp-on Amp meter's jaws around a single insulated conductor and center the conductor within the span of the jaw. Avoid touching the conductor with the Clamp-on Amp meter or your hands