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Power Outages & Blown Fuses

If everything checks out and you can't find a reason why a fuse blew, the problem might just be the weather.

Of course, you should always look for why a fuse blew and make sure to fix the problem. But, sometimes a blown fuse is not a symptom of a bigger problem. Especially during stormy weather, a blown fuse might be the only problem.

If the power goes off for a short time during stormy weather, heavy equipment will sometimes blow fuses when they subjected to a re-start under full load. In the first second or two when the power is restored, the voltage being delivered to your equipment might be somewhat low because the power grid would be experiencing massive initial load from the re-start.

Trying to start a motor under load with low voltage means high amperage. High enough amperage to fry the fuses - even the slow-blow and time-delay varieties.