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Protect Yourself and Others from Welding / Brazing Sparks, Spatter & Radiation

Whenever you are welding, brazing, cutting metal, protect yourself and others from the radiation, sparks and spatter you are producing.

Flames and hot metal emit infrared rays. Welders / Brazers may receive eye and skin burns from over-exposure to infrared rays. Long over-exposures may cause a severe eye burn. Hot welding spatter can cause painful skin burns as well as permanent eye damage.

To decrease the chances of injury from infrared radiation, sparks and spatter, remember these tips:

1.     Wear safety goggles specifically made for gas welding and cutting purposes.

2.     Use the correct lens shade to prevent eye injury. Anyone watching the work should also use proper safety goggles with the correct lens shade.

3.     To protect against eye injury, wear safety goggles with approved side shields whenever you are in any construction work area.

4.     Always wear clean, fire-resistant, protective clothing. Avoid spark and spatter traps by wearing a jacket with no pockets, and pants with no cuffs. Sleeves should be rolled down and buttoned. Collars should be buttoned.

5.     Wear high, snug fitting safety shoes and gauntlet gloves. Be sure pant legs go over the top of the boot - not tucked inside. Tuck shirt sleeves inside the glove.

6.     Protect your head by wearing a leather cap or a metal hard hat. Wear ear protection to prevent sparks or spatter entering the ears.

7.     Do not wear clothing stained with grease and oil. It may burn if ignited by the flames or sparks and spatter.

8.     Remove all flammable and readily combustible materials from your pockets, such as matches and cigarette lighters.

9.     Don't forget to protect neighboring workers. Shield your station with metal or heat resistant shields.