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Doc's NoteBook . . .

Doc frequently opens his notebook to scrawl some malarkey, vent his latest rant, report on product research or just tell a story based on his experiences. The newest 'Doc's NoteBook' is posted on the front page of www.Dr-Fix-It.Com. All past 'Notebook' articles are available at  "Doc's Archived Articles".

Doc says, "Back in the 'Good- Old- Days', I would meet friends for coffee every morning. We would sit at a round table near an old wood stove to gossip, tell jokes and share our viewpoints. I like to think of 'Doc's NoteBook' as an extension of those pleasant times. . . . Friends sitting around and just 'Shooting some Bull' . We never got very serious."

Meet Dr Fix It . . .
Meet Dr-Fix-It! Doc Sawyer

Early on, Friends swore Doc could fix anything. That's how he got the nickname. Doc quips, "If I can't fix it, I'll make it work.

Doc Sawyer grew up in rural northern Wisconsin. Doc's experience with computers dates back to the 1972 at the University of Wisconsin when he first learned to write assembly language for the Univac 1108.

After college, Doc's varied career included founding two repair businesses, Working as a HVAC Construction Mechanic in Texas and serving as Chief Building Engineer at several resort hotels across the western United States. Currently, Doc is the Chief Engineer of a Hotel Development Corporation in Del Mar, California.

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